Dr. Pappur Nikunj BHMS., M.D., M.F. Homeo.,(Malaysia)., B.L.S.,(U.S.A.)., M.Sc., (Psy)., Ph.D. (Path). Gold Medalist in AIDS’ Research, Specialist in Homeopathy, Internationally Experienced

Practices in Visakhapatnam, A.P., India. He has studied Homeopathy intensively for over 25 years, since 1991. Dr. Pappur Nikunj is an Internationally acclaimed Specialist in Homeopathy. Researcher and Associate Professor. He has worked in India, U.A.E., Malaysia, Africa. He has attended International Conferences in Homeopathy in INDIA, U.A.E., MALAYSIA & AFRICA. He has conducted seminars and workshops for the Practitioners and the Students in India & Abroad. 

Dr. Pappur Nikunj has an extraordinary strength of having research based on the Clinical Environment. He is a hardcore researcher + Clinician + Associate Professor + Promoter of Homeoapthy.

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